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Tips on applying Bona Polish


Tips on applying Bona Polish


When you’re ready to polish your hardwood floor, have a predetermined plan and give yourself some peace of mind.
1. Work in small sections. When applying the polish to your hardwood floor, work in small sections to keep the applicator pad/roller wet. Be sure to smooth out the polish along the grain of the wood.
2. Use a feathering technique. To avoid stripes of uneven polish on your floor, take a cue from interior painting and feather out the polish so that you have smooth transitions as you move from section to section.
3. Plan your exit. Make sure you don’t paint yourself in a corner. Know in advance how you’re going to break up the floor. If possible, have a helper apply polish along the perimeter of the rooms while you follow close behind.

Finishing the Job

Once you’re finished, allow at least one hour for the polish to dry before the floor is exposed to light traffic. The polish should dry completely after 24 hours, making it ready for heavy traffic.
Polishing your hardwood floor is recommended every few months, but this suggestion will vary based on how much foot traffic the floor experiences.

Bona offers floor polishes and tools for hardwood, stone, tile and laminate. Hardwood furniture polish is also available to keep your rooms looking beautiful. Take a look at our selection of polishes to find the right product for you.


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