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Where can I find Bona Polish Remover?


Where can I find Bona Polish Remover?


To remove the Bona Polish, we recommend using our Bona Polish Remover. This product is not in stores but it is available on our website at or at Highlight "Our Products" on the toolbar, click on "Wood and Other Surface Polishes.” Scroll down and you will see our Bona Polish Remover. 

To use the Polish Remover:

  1. Start off with a small test area
  2. Gently rock the bottle back and forth for 30 seconds
  3. Squirt the Polish Remover directly on the floor from the bottle
  4. Lightly spread out the Polish Remover in that area with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad
  5. Let the Polish Remover sit for 5 up to 10 minutes
    1. While it is sitting, DO NOT let it dry out, if need be, apply more Polish Remover
  6. Scrub the area with the non-abrasive scrubbing pad
  7. Wipe up the residue with a damp clean cloth
  8. Rinse the scrubbing pad as needed
  9. Clean the floor afterwards