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How to apply Bona Furniture Polish?


How to apply Bona Furniture Polish?


You will love the Bona Wood Furniture Polish on your wood furniture, as long as your furniture is sealed or finished, and unwaxed or unoiled. The Bona Wood Furniture Polish enhances the natural beauty of your wood furniture with a rich shine. The Furniture Polish is quick and easy to use, resists fingerprints, repels water rings and dries fast with no dulling or sticky residue.

How to apply bona Furniture Polish: 

  • Grab your Bona Furniture Polish and a clean microfiber cloth
  • Turn the spray nozzle to mist or stream setting and mist Furniture Polish directly on wood furniture surface
  • Wipe the Furniture Polish with microfiber cloth
  • Use the dry side of your microfiber cloth to buff and shine