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Bona Abrasives Test - Video

Bona Abrasives Test

Bona Abrasives bring you the most aggressive performance without sacrificing smoothness at a tremendous value. Watch us put them to the test in this video!


The inspiration behind this video stems from the Chaparral High School gym, a job that put our products to the ultimate test. The floor consisted of over 10,000 sq ft of hardwood that had not been sanded in over 10 years. Instead, the floor was recoated every single year, so it was estimated that there was about 15 coats of finish on the floor. Bona used this floor to test a number of new products and techniques, primarily our abrasives. 
Bona dedicates more resources, both in facilities and expert personnel, to the research and development of hardwood floor products and systems than any other company in the world. This unique position as owners of these technologies enables us to maintain the highest level of quality and bring exciting innovations to the marketplace to keep your business ahead of the competition.  



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