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Bona PLATINUM Edger Disc - User Reviews

"I recently had the opportunity to test the Bona PLATINUM Abrasives on two prefinished floor jobs. For the first job, a single 36 grit belt was used and the second, five of our standard belts were used on 1,300 square feet of floor. These abrasives outperformed every other abrasive I have ever used to easily remove the old finish. We are extremely anxious to purchase three new belts for maximum efficiency on all our hardwood floor jobs." - Grigore's Hardwood Flooring - Knoxville, TN
"My crew sanded the 15,900 square foot maple gym floor at Wichita State University. They started with a competitor 36 grit abrasive and it was not cutting. They had to repeatedly swap out the abrasive. After another attempt of putting a 16 grit on the lead drum and trailing with a 36, we tried out the Bona PLATINUM 36 grit abrasives. It was a night and day difference; we saved almost a whole day of work due to the efficiency! We are very excited with the product and results." - Paul H. – Creative Floors Enid, KS
"My guys really like the durability of Bona's Platinum Paper. It cuts harder and lasts longer than anything else out there." - Michael J. - Praters Athletic Flooring
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