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Bona R540

Bona R540
Multipurpose PU primer/damp proof membrane for both absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors. It can be used for damp-proofing concrete or cementitious subfloors with up to 4 CM% in humidity. Compatible with Bona's silane and PU adhesives.


• Helps mitigate potential moisture issues, like cupping†, originating from below the membrane, in new and existing construction
• When used as a primer, one coat increases adhesion over sealed subfloor systems, ie. AdvanTech™
• Can be used as a vapor retarder in place of felt paper for wooden subfloors up to 20% MC
• One coat can be used for damp proofing concrete subfloors up to 95% RH & 18 lbs*
• Dries fast allowing nail-down installation immediately
• No more tears in paper or seams to be concerned with – continuous film offers more uniform coverage and moisture protection
• Easy to apply – rolls on
• Suited for underfloor heating‡


* Only one coat needed when used with 1250G or 1500G trowel and any Bona Silane Adhesive. Two coats required in all other installations when the above criteria is not met.
† Can help prevent cupping caused by excessive subfloor moisture.
‡ Radiant heat systems will have a maximum moisture protection of 6 lbs. or 80% RH.

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