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Bona CourtLines Paint and Bona DriFast Stain


  • Achieve a more vibrant and consistent stain appearance on maple
  • Expand your stain offering with the palette of CourtLines paint colors
  • Only for use on unfinished/bare wood

Best practices for using CourtLines and DriFast Stain

  • Mix Ratios :  2-parts Stain to 1-part Paint
  • Water popping is a must.  Use a T-bar to even out the water-popped surface and let dry thoroughly (overnight) before applying your hybrid mixture.  A water popped surface is vulnerable to scuffs/knockdown, so be gentle during your application.
  • Best to use a carpet circle to ensure consistent application of the mixture
  • Use a second carpet circle to buff off excess mixture
  • May need to apply additional coat if color is blotchy or uneven.
  • Follow the dry times recommended by CourtLines
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