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Bona Power Station Plus

The Power Station Plus is the safe, inexpensive and convenient way to protect your valuable floor sanding equipment from high or low-voltage power situations. Use it as a power center to centrally connect your installation and floor sanding equipment. Use it to effectively run your floor sanding and vacuuming equipment, and adjust the power for your 230V machines if your power supply drifts from the desired voltage range.

Key Benefits

  • Digital Volt Meter Voltage
  • Adjustment Switch with Multiple Settings
  • Protective Rubber Feet
  • 25 AMP Circuit Breaker
  • Two 110 outlets
  • Convenient Carry Handle

Technical Data:

  • Electrical Capacity: 7.2 KVA
  • Working Capacity: 30 AMPS via the 230 volt output receptacle; 20 AMPS via the twin outlet receptacle (all outlets may be used simultaneously, see special instructions)  
  • Input: (1) 4-wire, GFI, 230 volt 30 AMP twistlock 
  • Output: (1) 230 volt 30 AMP twistlock (1) 115 volt 20 AMP duplex, straight leg receptacle 
  • Pigtail: 230 volt 30 AMP twistlock with 10-4 cable to connect Power Station Plus to power supply
  • Weight: 29 lbs.  
  • Dimensions: 5-78”W x 12-7/8”H x 5”D 

Bona PowerStation Plus Technical Data Sheet

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