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How do I apply the Bona Refresher?


How do I apply the Bona Refresher?


How to use Refresher:

  • Remove furniture, rugs, etc. and vacuum, sweep or dust mop the floor.
  • Attach the yellow Applicator Pad to the bottom of your mop base.
  • It is key to measure your floor before applying the refresher.
  • One bottle of the 32oz. Refresher covers 500 sq. ft.
    • If you have a 10x12 foot room – you will use about a 1/4 of the bottle.
  • Start in a small manageable area and squirt the polish from the bottle directly on the floor using the Applicator Pad.
  • Spread the refresher going with the grain.
  • After applying the refresher– wash out your Applicator immediately to remove polish residue.
  • After 1 to 2 hours (depending on humidity) you may walk on the floor in your stocking feet.
  • Cue time is 24 hours. After this time, replace furniture, allow heavy traffic and pets.