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How do I avoid cracks and gaps?


How do I avoid cracks and gaps?


Certain things you are unable to control such as the foundation settling after you complete your job, but going through proper steps before, during, and after the installation can help to prevent your floor from having imperfections that can lead to cracks or gaps down the road.

Here are some ways to help reduce the likelihood of cracks and gaps forming:

  1. Acclimating the wood prior to installation

  2. Making sure the subfloor is completely dry or you’ve taken steps to insulate it against water

  3. Properly installed the flooring – checking nailing schedules, nailer pressure and properly racking the floor.

  4. Using a sealer or sealing stain to reduce sidebonding from the finish.

  5. Regulating humidity in the house to prevent huge swings.

If gaps or cracks do appear, white lines may form due to the stress on the finish.  While a simple screen and recoat could get rid of the issue, properly diagnosing the problem can help to prevent the cracks or gap from reappearing.