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COVID-19 Update for Sport Floors:

As far as we can tell, there is not a high risk of contracting COVID-19 or any other virus directly from a wooden gym floor.  We realize that there can be sweat on the floor and basketballs and volleyballs are handled by everyone on the court.  As the balls are bounced on the floor, they can come in contact with sweat and thus can be a concern.  For now, we recommend the Bona SuperCourt Hardwood Gym Floor Cleaner or the Bona Deep Clean Solution.  Both can be used with an autoscrubber and a clean white polishing pad or a microfiber cleaning pad.  The use of an autoscrubber is recommended because it will remove any residue as well as the solution from the floor.  These products are not disinfectants, but will do a very good job at thoroughly cleaning the floor without leaving a residue and without affecting the gloss level or coefficient of friction.

Bona has also recently introduced an Anti Bacterial cleaner for our Retail/Consumer business.  This cleaner is not currently recommended for wood floors because it is acidic and will affect the gloss level of the floor.  It can be used for other hard surfaces without issue. 

Additionally we recommend these best practices:

  • Thoroughly clean the floor after every event or everyday if the floor is used that day.
    • After cleaning immediately dispose of cleaning pads.
      • Cleaning crew should were protective gloves to avoid direct skin contact with dirty pads.
      • Do not re-use a cleaning pad unless it has been disinfected.
      • Change pads as regularly while cleaning.  Do not use one pad for the entire floor.
  • Clean any balls or equipment being used with an EPA approved disinfectant cleaner or wipe before and after use.
  • Restrict activities that require extensive or close contact with the floor.  Activities that require a person to lay or sit on the floor would be examples.

Bona US Sport Product Catalog - 2016

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